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Nov 05 2007

The New Apex 880™ USB Modem from Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless today introduced the newest addition to its USB modem product line, the Apex™ 880 USB modem. Smaller than previous models and sporting a new, innovative design and features, the Apex 880 USB modem is expected to be available for shipping in January, 2008. Continue Reading »

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Nov 03 2007

Y-cam wireless internet video camera

Y-cam Solutions introduced two models from its growing Internet video camera range: Y-cam White and Y-cam Black.

The camera makes it easy for anyone wanting to keep an eye on their homes, businesses or anything else important to them while they are away. It can send emails of images captured when motion is detected to any 3 email addresses or to data storage units anywhere on the web. You can even record video in complete darkness and listen in to what’s going on through the camera’s in-built microphone. With only an Internet connection, a web browser and a Y-cam, you can now view live video form anywhere, at anytime

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Nov 01 2007

WJR7080 UHF RFID Reader Module

Published by Bobby under Peripherals,Wireless

WJR7080 UHF RFID Reader ModuleWJ Communications announced the availability of the WJR7080, a compact PCMCIA Type II PC card form factor Gen2 UHF RFID reader module for Europe, optimized for handheld and mobile RFID reader applications. The WJR7080 is fully compliant to the European regulation ETSI 300 220 (869.525 MHz) and supports multi-protocol (ISO18000-6C and ISO18000-6B). Leveraging the capabilities of the proven WJR reader module family, the WJR7080 offers dynamic RF output power settings, two antenna ports, and WJs Application Protocol Interface (API) for all WJ reader module platforms. Current users of WJR RFID reader modules can plug-and-play the WJR7080 device without modifying their existing configurations; thereby, allowing their entry into the European market rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.

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Oct 30 2007

LTB Q-Home-FX system – Home Theater Headphones

LTB Audio systems, is about to begin shipping their newest addition to True 5.1 Surround Sound wireless headphones. The LTB Q-Home-FX system will have listeners sitting on the edge of thier seat and on occasion, turning to look behind them. Imagine the surround sound effect a home theater sound system can deliver, now imagine this system is compacted into a wireless headphone system. Continue Reading »

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Oct 29 2007

EdgeMarc 200 Series Access Routers for Small Office/Home Office

Published by Bobby under Networking,Wireless

EdgeMarc 200 Series Access RoutersEdgewater Networks announced today the availability of the EdgeMarc 200 Series product family. The EdgeMarc 200 Series combine multiple standalone devices into a single, feature-rich, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective router. They are used to provide business class voice quality and reliability for enterprise and hosted VoIP and data services. The EdgeMarc 200 Series Access Routers

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