Nov 01 2007

WJR7080 UHF RFID Reader Module

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WJR7080 UHF RFID Reader ModuleWJ Communications announced the availability of the WJR7080, a compact PCMCIA Type II PC card form factor Gen2 UHF RFID reader module for Europe, optimized for handheld and mobile RFID reader applications. The WJR7080 is fully compliant to the European regulation ETSI 300 220 (869.525 MHz) and supports multi-protocol (ISO18000-6C and ISO18000-6B). Leveraging the capabilities of the proven WJR reader module family, the WJR7080 offers dynamic RF output power settings, two antenna ports, and WJs Application Protocol Interface (API) for all WJ reader module platforms. Current users of WJR RFID reader modules can plug-and-play the WJR7080 device without modifying their existing configurations; thereby, allowing their entry into the European market rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.

“WJ was recently awarded the 2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation for the two leading RFID products WJC200 RFID reader chipset, and WJM3000 RFID reader module. With the introduction of WJR7080, we complement the existing cutting-edge WJ RFID modules to meet the growing requirements of RFID enabled mobile devices in different regions, said Haresh Patel, SVP of Sales and Marketing at WJ Communications. With the new addition to the WJR family, WJs RFID reader modules are now fully deployed in all significant RFID regions North and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

Product Overview

The WJR7080 reader module operates over the European UHF frequency band of 869.525MHz; includes the RF, digital circuitry, and embedded firmware required for ISO18000-6C (UHF Gen2) and ISO 18000-6B. The WJR7080 offers multi-protocol support with 40/40KHz Miller Sub-Carrier data rate. The module has two antenna ports, which can be used to support both UHF near-field and far-field antennas.

Value proposition

Utilizing WJ’s RF expertise and leadership in wireless infrastructure and RFID readers, WJ has developed the cost-effective, high-performance WJR family of UHF RFID reader module products for handheld and mobile applications. WJs API command set enables customers to realize fast ROI on their module integration investment customers can upgrade to WJs latest generation of reader modules as the API is backwards compatible.

The following are the best-in-class performance of the WJR7080 RFID Reader Module:

Region Supported           Europe
Multi-Protocol           Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C), ISO 18000-6B
Regulation           ETSI 300-220
Max Output Power           +23.4 dBm
Demo Software           Free demo software for Windows® CE, Windows and Windows compatible
Data Rate           40/40 KHz Miller Sub-Carrier data rate
Communication           Serial communications
Two Antenna Ports           UHF near-field and far-field antenna support
Form Factor           PCMCIA Type II PC card form factor

Positive Market Feedback

WJ has shipped a customized version of the WJR7080 in production quantities to a leading OEM of handheld reader. The response has been very positive that WJ was able to design and ship this high-performance product in a very short span, thus meeting their aggressive go-to-market opportunity window.

Target Applications

The main applications for WJR7080 include: RFID readers for item-level tracking, handheld readers, forklift readers, and RFID portal readers for case and pallet-level tracking.

Availability & Pricing

WJR7080 is now in production and can be ordered from WJ online store

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