Oct 30 2007

Happy Halloween: Creepy games for mobile phones

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Creepy weeks at Zelfi: Halloween is coming! On 31st October the witches and ghosts are all over again. It’s Halloween, a scary day! For this frightening happening there are a lot of things to get for decoration. Great chance to fit the mobile with suitable games. At www.zelfi.com/en a great selection of gruesome mobile games are offered for the following days.

In Halloween Teeter Totter the player is trying to pick up all the presents fixed in the sky by jumping on a teeterboard with Jack-O-Lantern. This mission is not as easy as it seems. The player has to be very skilful.

Zombie Attack is a genuine shocker among the games. In this mobile game the player is confronted with a lot of greedy zombies on a cemetery. The aim is to shoot as many zombies as possible. But the more the player kills the more they come. The game offers a mightily thrill with great graphics and in a dark atmosphere.


Not less than ZombieBuster for strained nerves. This game demands high concentration when gruesome zombies suddenly emerge screaming aloud. With a pump gun the monstrous beings have to be killed. But in the heat of the moment a mistake can happen and other team colleagues get in the players sights. ZombieBuster is only for good reaction and a quick eye.

Mobile game player delight in playing Jum’n Run Games will be pleased to hear that there are also such scary adventures. Hans Horror or Claustrophobia both presents dark and eerie scenes full of ghosts and aliens with caustic acid in the blood. But for all these barriers a mission has to be fulfilled.

And last but not least: Dr. Frankenstein presents his cruel game of creatures. In FrankensteinBotsArmy the player defeats Frankenstein at his own game. The bots have to be launch and must break through Frankenstein’s wall first before his Bots breach the wall of the player.

More mobile games for great entertainment on cell phones are available at www.zelfi.com/en.

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