Oct 22 2007

Multi Media Watch – eWatch

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eWatchMatrix Watches provides the US market with the ability to have a watch that plays WMA, MP4 & MP3 audio files, coverts AVI and WAV files to HD format and with an FM Radio recorder, voice recorder, pictures storage and has e Books capability

The consumer will have the ability to store their favorite WAV, MP4 & MP3 music files, watch their favorite AVI & WAV full length movies and music videos in HD formats. The consumer will also have the ability to use the FM radio feature with FM recorder, share picture files and use their Voice Recorder. The business consumer will have the ability to store business documents through our e Book functionality as well.

“Unveiling eWatch will enable us to tap into a market full of MP3 players, iPods, PDA and portable players, all put together in one innovative watch with an extraordinary blend of Technology and Fashion,” said Miguel Gomez, Director of U.S. Sales — Matrix Watches. We’re truly looking forward to working with Platinum Holdings and Anlong International as we continue to expand our line of watches”

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