Oct 25 2007

Gateway 24-inch and 22-inch High Definition Widescreen LCD Displays

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Gateway 24-inch and 22-inch High Definition Widescreen LCD DisplaysGateway 24-inch High Definition Widescreen LCD FHD2400 and the Gateway 22-inch High Definition Widescreen LCD HD2200 deliver cutting-edge features including soft touch controls, ultra bright glare panels with fast response times, high definition resolutions, and DCDi by Faroudja enhanced video processing. Each display offers universal connections to content and video sources via multiple analog and digital video inputs, making them just as easy to use with consumer electronics as with a PC. Both Gateway displays feature an all-new premium industrial design, combining a sleek and stylish look with enhanced usability. The displays boast a high-gloss polished bezel and brushed aluminum accent bar for elegant styling. For added functionality, the Gateway displays have an EzTouch bezel, which features back-lit buttons that remain effectively invisible until needed. The touch-sensitive controls provide access to on-screen menus for tuning the brightness, contrast and other features of the displays.

Following the successful launch earlier this month of our industry-leading 30-inch Extreme HD display, the Gateway 24-inch and 22-inch offerings round out our new line of displays with cutting-edge technology across the board, said John Schindler, Gateways director of consumer product marketing. The 24-inch and 22-inch displays deliver advanced technology and features that meet a wide variety of consumer viewing needs for the latest PC, gaming and entertainment applications.

24-inch Model Offers Vibrant Visuals and Leading-Edge Features

The Gateway 24-inch High Definition Widescreen Display delivers 1080p HD support and 1920×1200 resolution, making this display ideal for viewing PC content, high-definition video and multimedia applications. To further enhance the viewing experience, the display features a new Ultrabright Glare panel with a 92 percent color gamut, making colors richer and more defined. Additionally, the 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness and ultra fast 3ms refresh rate deliver stunning visual performance.

The new Gateway 24-inch Display gives users several viewing options including an auto-rotation capability that allows the display to be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes, providing a 160 degree viewing angle. This enables users to view multiple applications or documents side-by-side, increasing productivity and efficiency. The included Gateway EzTune software automatically adjusts the screen image when the monitor is moved between orientations. This software also provides advanced color calibration, making it ideal for photographers, artists and graphic designers. The standard height-adjustable stand can be raised, lowered, swiveled, tilted and rotated for customer comfort.

22-inch Model Delivers Full Feature Set at Mainstream Price

The Gateway 22-inch High Definition Widescreen Display offers users high-performance features and a vivid viewing experience at the price of $349.99, making it ideal for home or work. This new 22-inch Display offers 720p HD support and 1680×1050 resolution, coupled with a 1000:1 contrast ration, 300 cd/m2 brightness and an ultra fast 4ms refresh rate, providing excellent image quality.

It also comes with a standard tilt stand for premium viewing angles and has a built-in orientation sensor that offers image auto-rotation when coupled with the optional height-adjustable stand.

Cutting-Edge Features Offers Enhanced Usability

The new Gateway 24-inch and 22-inch Displays provide a premium viewing experience for entertainment and work applications through advanced processing technology. Both displays feature integrated DCDi by Faroudja video processing, which delivers remarkable visuals with precise detail, and vivid color and motion.

Built-in High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and a DVI-D interface enables the new displays to support current and future technologies. The HDCP interface is necessary to access todays high-definition content from Blu-Ray, cable and satellite high-definition video services as well as content from a PC running Microsoft Windows Vista.

Both displays provide a universal connection to todays most popular technology devices, including a PC, TV or game console. In addition to the DVI-D interface, each display comes with a variety of inputs including, HDMI, VGA, and component connectors. The 24-inch Display also includes a composite and S-Video interface.

For enhanced usability, the 24-inch display also features a built-in, self-powered four-port USB 2.0 hub, allowing customers to easily connect to any USB device, such as a digital camera, MP3 player, keyboard or mouse, directly into the display rather than having to connect into a USB port on the PC.

Exceptional Audio Enhances Overall Viewing Experience

Both displays support an optional full-length premium speaker bar for high-performance sound. The Gateway DXP Audio Sound System connects directly to the bottom of the Gateway 24-inch or 22-inch Display, perfectly matching the displays thin design. The sound systems feature high-performance speakers and neodymium magnet technology, enhancing the sound systems ability to generate remarkably clean and high-volume sound with exceptional dynamic range.

Additionally, the sound system includes dual headphone outputs, microphone pass-through for voice applications and an additional auxiliary input that allows users to enjoy audio from other devices such as a portable MP3 player.

Picture-In-Picture Capabilities and Security

Advanced Picture-in-Picture (PIP) functionality allows users to work on computer applications while simultaneously viewing programming from cable, satellite or other video sources. The integrated EzTune software allows users to adjust the PIP images to various levels of transparency, resize the PIP images or move the PIP window to a new location on the screen by dragging it with the computer mouse.

Additionally, the EzTune software includes an anti-theft mechanism that allows customers to protect the display by setting it to function only with a specified computer, disabling the full functionality if it is removed. In addition, the display comes with lock slots so it can be physically anchored to a desk or other large object.

Pricing and Availability

The new displays and optional accessories are available at major technology and electronics retailers nationwide.

The new Gateway 24-inch High Definition Widescreen Display FHD2400 is priced at $549.99 and the optional speaker bar is $49.99. The Gateway 22-inch High Definition Widescreen Display HD2200 is priced at $349.99 and the optional speaker is $39.99.

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