Oct 25 2007

Samsung QUAD pen

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A pen that lets you write anything anywhere and then transfer it to your computer has been developed by Samsung. Situated in the nib of the Quad pen is an electronic sensor which records its movements and saves it onto a tiny memory chip in the barrel, meaning that, should inspiration strike whilst you wander lonely as a cloud that floats on high o’er — yeah, you get my drift — you can run to the nearest daffodil and jot down whatever it was you wanted, thus saving your work for posterity on the chip.

Nam Jeong-gyun picks up a glossy black pen and writes in the air as if writing on an invisible whiteboard. The pen has an electronic sensor at the tip, he says, so it can record every movement into a tiny memory chip located inside the streamlined body.

“Let’s say that an important idea suddenly hits you, but there is nothing to write on, and you know that you’ll lose the idea if you don’t record it right away. This pen, allows you to write on any surface, storing everything you write,” he told spectators at the graduation exhibition of Samsung Art & Design Institute (SADI) held two weeks ago in Seoul.

The futuristic pen named QUAD was one of 32 design works displayed by the graduating students of the Product Design department of SADI. Samsung Group founded the school in 1995 as an academy of future fashion and graphic designers. The PD department was established in 2005 as the need for designers with an engineer’s mindset grew at Samsung Electronics and other manufacturing arms of the nations’ largest conglomerate.

Although, the brainy pen created by Nam was just a mock-up, and Nam hopes to one day sell the idea to luxury brands such as Montblanc, given that similar technologies are already in use in some consumer electronics such as the popular Wii video game console made by Japan’s Nintendo.

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