Oct 02 2009

Quatech Enhances Product Line with SocketSerial Purchase

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Quatech announced the Quatech purchase of SocketSerial, a business unit of  Socket Mobile Inc. selling SocketSerial branded connectivity devices for laptops and handheld computers. Quatech intends to continue to offer the SocketSerial product line worldwide through general two-tier distribution channels under the SocketSerial brand.

Founded in 1983, Quatech is the leading supplier in high performance connectivity solutions for mobile computing, industrial laptops and handheld computers with a broad range of interface adapters. Quatech released the PCMCIA product line in 1994 and today offers more choices in serial I/O PC cards than any other manufacturer. As laptop and handheld technology evolves, Quatech continues to offer the next generation interfaces in mobile connectivity by connecting high-bandwidth peripherals through PCMCIA and ExpressCards slots and USB to Serial Adapters. Offering options including multiport RS-232/422/485 serial and parallel configurations, Quatech laptop and handheld products are widely used in medical, transportation, industrial and telecommunication applications.

SocketSerial, an innovator in serial device technology for mobile platforms, has manufactured serial communications peripherals for notebooks, PDAs and tablets since 1993. Since then, Socket Mobile, through its SocketSerial business unit, has continued to be one of the top two leading suppliers, alongside Quatech, in serial peripheral technology. This acquisition by Quatech combines the technical and support strengths of two of the leading and longtime providers of connectivity solutions into a single organization.

“We are very excited about merging the top two leading lines of serial peripheral technology for mobile users,” Quatech President and CEO Steve Runkel said. “With the addition of the SocketSerial branded product line, Quatech continues to seamlessly integrate a wide range of devices and peripherals, providing reliable solutions for today’s mobile computer systems.”

Quatech, a company dedicated for 26 years to the highest level of performance through quality design and manufacturing, and world-class service and support, is committed to delivering SocketSerial customers with the same excellent service. “Our goal is to make the integration of SocketSerial to Quatech ownership a positive transition for the customers.” Runkel said. Under Quatech ownership, customers will have several avenues of customer support including a live chat and advanced support and download pages for customer support documentation needs.

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