Dec 15 2007

Mobile Notetaker

mobile_notetaker.jpgThis handy gadget can transcribe every pen movement: the text and illustrations are displayed on the LCD screen and stored in the internal memory. You can download this to your computer and, with the software included, you may you all your illustrations and convert your written notes to editable text using OCR.

Mobile NoteTakerTM operates in two modes, Mobile or Connected. In Mobile Mode the device enables the user to capture and store the notes / sketches digitally at meetings, lectures or conferences. Connected Mode synchronizes the Mobile NoteTaker and a PC / Notebook via USB cable.

The user can upload, organize, move, edit or add to handwritten notes ideas, sketches, phone numbers or reminders. The included software also enables memos, notes, and sketches to be sent via e-mail or over the LAN network. It is also possible to write directly into Microsoft® Word or Outlook, and add a personal touch to ICQ® instant messages.mobile_notetaker_additional.jpg

The internal memory stores up to 50 A4 pages.

The Mobile Notetaker is available from ThinkGeek for $169,99.

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