Nov 06 2007

Genius G-Pen 560 and G-Pen F350

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Genius announced two new additions to the companys extensive line up of digital tablets for artists, graphic designers and techies, who want the latest in tablet technology. Genius offers tablets in all sizes ranging from small and portable to sleek and large, allowing the buyer to have a wide range of tablet choices that best fits their individual needs. These new additions, named The G-Pen 560 and the G-Pen F350, are both small and slim in size, offering users portability, without having to give up any features or technology advancements. Genius G-Pen 560The G-Pen 560

Great for marketing presentations, the Genius G-Pen 560 can be truly customized by turning buttons (hot keys) at the top of the screen into preprogrammed short-cuts, making each G-Pen 560 unique to each user. The pen is cordless so presentations can be made or presented with a cool ease no hassle attitude which is also reflected in the 4.5 x 6 tablet design. The G-Pen can be used by both Mac and PC users and the plug-and-play unit supports Messenger handwriting functions so users can stay in touch using the internet.

Bundled with Power Presenter RE, Free Notes, Office link, and PhotoImpact XL SE software, the G-Pen 560 is a bargain priced $69.00.

The G-Pen 350

Priced at $65.00, the Genius G-Pen 350, is so easy to use, and priced so friendly, everyone should have one. Made with a 3 x 5 working area, slim and light for the ultimate in portability, this new G-Pen 350 tablet is a perfect companion for a notebook. The cordless 1024-level pressure sensitivity pen can track 22-fast shortcut keys so that Mac or PC users can write, draw, sketch and sign emails on the fly.

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